Quickly add page numbers to Powerpoint slides


When I was demonstrating Powerpoint, I usually thought about the content of the script, and I forgot the total number of pages of the PPT slide. Especially when there are a lot of pages, I spent more time on the previous slides. Not enough time to talk.

If you can display the total number of pages in the Powerpoint slide, but Powerpoint2003 can not be like the two “brothers” Word and Excel directly by inserting the total number of pages in the header or page corner to give all What should I do if I add the number of pages to the slides?

Add page numbers to Power point slides

In fact, we can achieve this function by moving hands and feet on the slide master.

The first step: open the completed Powerpoint2003 file, first of all to add a number for each slide (equivalent to the page number in Word). Click on the menu “Insert” -> “Slide Number”, select “Slide Number”, then click “Apply All”.

Step 2: Next, look at the total number of pages in Powerpoint2003. For example, this Powerpoint has 10 pages, and then we have to enter the slide master state to edit the master. Click on the menu “View” -> “Master” -> “Slide Master” to enter the master state.

Step 3: Observe the slide master. There is a place called “Digital Zone” in the lower left corner of the master. You can edit it with a click of the mouse.

Move the cursor to the back of the “<#>” symbol and type “/10”. Of course, you can change the “/10” part to the form you want, such as “10 pages in total” and so on.

Step 4: After editing is complete, click on the menu “View” -> “Normal” to exit the master state and save the entire file.

This way we can see the total number of pages we have set after the page number of each page.

When you add or delete the number of Powerpoint2003 pages, remember to change the settings here, because the total number of Powerpoint pages cannot be automatically recognized here.


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