Why is API strategy so important?


It is more than obvious why APIs are crucial in handling digital businesses today. However, some companies still don’t use APIs, but their number is not even relevant. Just like “www” on the Internet opens many possibilities to the endless number of people, that is the exact way how APIs induces growing potential to the companies.

You might ask yourself what enables this growth potential. The answer is in sharing services among the companies. Having this in mind, you already know there is a bright, prosperous future in front of the APIs. Unlike now, APIs before were limited to one company only. Yet, the time revealed their true potential, which made APIs extremely accessible to everybody. As a result, the number of API users is growing every day.

How does API strategy affect your business?

With the increased use of APIs, some new demands came up. API strategy is one among these demands. It actually became a crucial part of handling digital business. If you want to improve the collaboration, bring up innovations, upgrade the customer service via stoplight.io, and many more, then you should establish an API strategy. Some companies will never obtain the right API strategy, as they would fail over and over. Their future on the market can be described as uncertain.

We could compare the API strategy to an umbrella, as it covers everything. Be careful, as you should make an API strategy and the architecture compatible. This is the only way that leads to building a successful API. Still, the story about the compatibility is not ending here. You should make the API strategy compatible with the design, too. Everything flows – the strategy dictates the objectives, while the API design leads those objectives as planned. APIs and SDKs need a good strategy – bear that in mind.

What APIs and SDKs have to do with your business?

APIs and SDKs are bricks that are building a platform, which further becomes a mediator for system communications. They are becoming more popular, as APIs and SDKs are irreplaceable when it comes to maintaining clients, covering the market, and keeping the shareholders satisfied.

APIs and SDKs promote external innovations. There will be some situations when you can’t find a solution to your problem within your company, but outside of it. The biggest advantage of the APIs and SDKs is the fact that you offer your data to the outside developers. This way, you can go through the new technologies and pick the ones that suit best to your company.

Conservative approach will rarely bring you effectiveness. As competition is increasing every day, you should make a dynamic surrounding in your company. Modern times require modern approaches and encourage innovation. Even though there will be many new demands too, modern strategies will cope with it easily.

Customer experience is an important factor. Never underestimate that people don’t have much patience. If you have a low customer experience level, even the potential customers will get away from you. However, if you use APIs, there will be no such issue as low customer experience. You will stay competitive, which is crucial.

Achieving successful executing of your API strategy

If you have a good API strategy, but don’t have a successful executing, all the effort was in vain. Yet, some steps will ensure the implementation of your API, and we will expose them now.

APIs produce values, but you should figure out where you should apply those values. Identify API opportunities. What you should do here is to analyze customer journey, as this is the best way to identify opportunities. Developers know which APIs carry particular value and how many such APIs there are.

You might have a vision, but you also need to focus on how to obtain the value. Get into an investigation and decide on what you want to charge. Combination of the investigation results and the company’s strategy will crystallize the monetization methods you should go after.

Create an authoritative centralized body which will ensure security and privacy of the development process and API design.


You now see why is API strategy so important. You should have it much more before you start designing an API. API without the API strategy is a secure way to a dead end.


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