Download Tinder for PC

Tinder for PC

Tinder is only available for iPhone and Android users, so what about PC and Mac users then? The brilliantly put together dating app fits perfectly in the world of mobile technology, but this means scrolling, tapping, swiping, pinching etc. It would be great if you could have the same app but on a personal computer being it Windows or Mac where you can use a moue and keyboard as its much quicker.

Tinder for PC

It is a shame there is no official PC or Mac version of Tinder, but there are always workarounds to make anything possible. It takes a little more time to get it all up and running but it is worth it. Tinder for PC is only available via some of our options listed below, are you ready for Tinder on the big screen?

Android emulators are put into place to act as your virtual mobile device, with the ability of running on your personal computer. Many users thought the ‘Tinder PC’ website was the official version, but it is a social Web platform for promoting your dating profile for your Tinder application. Still worth signing up though, as its very useful.

Below are a few options with guides on how to download Tinder for PC or Mac, hopefully you like them.


This is a great emulator, which is well worth a thought because it works on both Windows and Mac OS. This one runs apps intended to be fully operational on an Android platform. Follow these instructions on how to download and install Tinder for PC or Mac using BlueStacks:

1) Click on the BlueStacks link located top right.
2) Once page is open click on “Download BlueStacks”.
3) Now Install BlueStacks onto your PC
4) Open BlueStacks, now it is time to create a new Google Play account. If you prefer you can open your existing one.
5) Once open click the search button top left and then type in “Tinder” and click enter.
6) You will then head off to the search results; it is the first option you need to click on.
7) Now simply click on the “Install” button.

After Installing Tinder follow these instructions for the location issue:

1) Visit Google Play.
2) In the search box type in “fake gps”
3) On the left choose “fake gps” and then start to install it.
4) Now open Fake GPS and then set your location
5) The rest is self-explanatory.

You can also use Andyroid, follow these simple instructions:

1) Top right of this page click on Andy OS (android emulator) to download.
2) Once downloaded click on the installer file to start its installation.
3) You will now need to complete the sign up part.
4) Now head on over to your Google Play account and login.
5) Open up the Google Play Store app and in the search bar type in Tinder to download.
6) Now look for Tinder and start the install process.
7) Now check out Tinder on your PC and away you go.

Other options include Virtual box, which is a great option if you own an Apple Mac computer, this emulator has a rather small interface but huge features. It allows you to search for apps and download them with the emulator. You could also use YouWave, this one is a premium based software, this is not free of cost though so may not be what you are looking for, but still good to use if you are looking at downloading apps such as Tinder on PC.


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