How does PPT insert video?


How does PPT insert video? PPT insert video tutorial, I believe that a lot of office white is still not very clear how to insert, in fact, the method is relatively simple, then the computer technology network of the small series for everyone to introduce it!

1. Put the video you want to insert into a folder that you can find better.

2. Open the PPT.

3. Find the video page you want to insert and the location where you inserted the video.

4. Click on the insert above.

5. Click on the video in the video or file.

6. Find the video you need to insert in the small window and click Insert.

7. If you want to open the page PPT and start playing the video, then select “Automatic”.

8. If you want to control playback, select “When clicked”, then click on the video to play it.

9. If your video format is not supported. Use the format factory to convert the video we want to use but not supported by PPT into a supported format. It is recommended to convert to wmv, avi or mp4.

Note: The format of the video, the common one is the MP4 format. Video format conversion can be converted using format factory software.



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