How Printer can scans files to computer


In modern office, scanning and faxing documents is a common step in the job. The method we often use is to scan the file directly with the printer and then fax it. But in fact, scanning the files to the computer for processing will make the work more efficient. So, how does the printer scan files into the computer ? Let me introduce you to you below!

Printer scans files to computer

1. Turn on the computer and printer and leave the printer in a fax state;

2. Place the document to be scanned on the printer and cover the printer cover;

3. Click the [Scan] button to put the printer into the scanning working state. At this time, the printer scanning button will be illuminated. At this point, the operation prompt [Scan: Select] will appear in the display, which is to let us select the scan mode;

4. Press the [Page Down] button in the red box selection area;

5. After completing step 4, [Select up or down or confirm button, scan to PC] will appear in the printer display. At this time, you can choose to continue to press [Page Down] or press [OK]. Because you continue to press the [Page Down] button to continue the selection. But selecting the [OK] button is faster;

6. Click the [OK] button;

7, after selecting the confirmation button, then let us choose the file format generated in the computer;

8. After selecting the generated file format, press the [Start] key to start scanning. The display will update the status of the task in real time;

9. After successful scanning, the message [Please wait] will appear. When the scanning is finished, the printer will automatically resume the initial state (fax status);

The above is the operation method of the printer scanning files to the computer, I hope to help you!


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