How to insert PPT into Flash? Steps to insert Flash in PPT


How to insert PPT into Flash? The steps to insert Flash in PPT, for many office whites do not know how to insert it? Ok, then the small series of computer technology network will give you a brief introduction about how to insert it, hope to help everyone!

How to insert PPT into Flash

Method 1: Open the PPT document, move the cursor to the place where you want to insert the Flash file, then open the “Insert” menu, select the “Object” command, the “Insert Object” dialog box appears, and select “In the Insert Object” dialog box. The file creation radio button, click the “Browse” command (as shown in Figure 1), pop-up “Browse” dialog box, select the swf file you want to insert in the “Browse” dialog box, click the “OK” command.

At this time, a Flash icon appears in the Powerpoint editing area, right click on the icon, select the “Action Settings” command in the pop-up shortcut menu, a dialog box pops up, select the “Click the mouse” tab, select the “Object Action” list. Select the button, click the lower triangle button below it, select “Activate Content” in the drop-down list box that appears (as shown in Figure 2), and click the “OK” command.

Method 2: Open the “View” menu in powerpoint, select the “Toolbar” – “Control Toolbox” command, the “Control Toolbox” appears, click the “Other Controls” button in the “Control Toolbox”, a drop-down appears List, click the “Shockwave Flash Object” command in the list, as shown in Figure 3.

At this time, the mouse pointer becomes a cross type. In the PowerPoint editing area, press the left mouse button and drag the mouse to pull out a square area with a cross line. Select it and right click the mouse. In the pop-up shortcut menu, select the “Property” command. In the “Properties” window, click “Custom” in the window, select the button to the right, and the “Property Page” window will pop up. In the “Video URL (M)” of the window, enter the path to insert the movie, as shown in Figure 4, and the others are set to default.Click the “OK” button.

Let’s try it, how about it, whether the film is coming out directly.

Method 3: If you are a bit cumbersome to enter a video address, it doesn’t matter, this method is definitely for you. It is to insert a flash movie with a third-party tool, SwiffPointPlayer.After installation, a “flash movie” command will appear in the list of PowerPoint’s “Insert” menu. When using, open the “Insert” menu, select the “flash movie” command, the “Open File” window appears, select the movie you want to insert, click the “insert” command.

Ok, press F5 to enjoy it, the effect is good.


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