How to make money on youtube in six simple steps


Youtube is a fine instrument in today’s world not just to be popular and get noticed for your work but also as a platform to earn a lot of money. The following 6 steps will help you make money on youtube:

  1. Set up your youtube channel: This is a very simple task and all you need is a valid gmail ID. You must have a channel to earn from youtube so set it up with the simple method by going through the youtube icon and selecting the My channels option. Once your channel is built you can now look to develop the other aspects of it.
  2. Find out your talents: to be brutally honest, so many people aspire to make money from youtube and go on to make the channels. Few however are successful because the lack of content holds them back. So you must find your passion and also something that you excel in. It could be anything from singing to makeup tutorials but has to be genuine because people won’t subscribe to your channel if your content is not good enough. Give enough time to this aspect and identify what exactly is your area of excellence. Go on then to mesmerize the online crowd.
  3. Have proper strategy for the content you share: This is extremely important and for this you need to keep up with the trends. You will have to see what is interesting the people in general and you also have to tend to those demands. Remember that if you are rich in content there is no reason for your channel to not grow in popularity. The more popular you become, the better your chances are of making money from Youtube.
  4. Apply for AdSense: We cannot stress enough on the importance of the right advertising. Without this chances are that you would get nowhere with your ambitious ideas. You must imply the right tactics in this regard for a successful career in youtube. Go the video manager option and navigate successfully to enable the option for monetization. Go through the terms and conditions thoroughly and tick on the box that says I agree. Then just with the help of your google account you can open an account on Adsense. Now you are one step forward to make money from Youtube.
  5. Use the tools as best as you can: There are many practices to follow. From the social media promotions to the right kind of editing you need to do so much to get the videos across to a larger number of people. Like we already discussed you would make money when the reach exceeds a certain number. Google keyword planners and evernote would also help you in the process.
  6. Monetize the videos: Take your affiliations to the best of advertising agencies. Try to interact with the youtube stars who have already made it big. Use every tool you have to monetize your videos as only then can you make money from it.

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