How to make ppt template?


How to make ppt template? Make a ppt template graphic tutorial, then a small series of computer technology network for everyone to introduce it!

The steps to make a PPT template are as follows:

1. Before placing the PPT template, prepare the picture placed in the first PPT, the picture in the PPT page, the logo and other pictures;

Second, create a new PPT file, this time should display a blank PPT file;

Third, the production of PPT template structure:

1. Then we enter the PPT master view to operate by selecting “View” – “Master” – “Slide Master” from the menu bar;

Note: This PPT is after your template is completed. Every time you add a new PPT, this is a PPT, which is the page for writing text content, so it is called “PPT Master”.

2. After opening the PPT master view, do you see a thumbnail on the left side? Now select it and click the right mouse button to select “New Title Master”;

Fourth, the production of PPT template content framework

1. Next, we will personalize the PPT template we want to make. First, we will first create the PPT template home page, first insert the prepared image material into the PPT template page, and then slightly cut the layout, just like the following effect;

2. Then add some text modifiers to the PPT template homepage to make the picture more sensational;

There are a lot of friends here who are guilty. I don’t have a fine art foundation. I don’t design pictures. How can I make a beautiful PPT template? This is also a very simple question. We can search for some pictures in PSD format on the Internet. Generally, such pictures are designed by some designers. We only need to save these pictures in the PS software as a picture.


If the picture you inserted is currently overwritten with some text boxes, it doesn’t matter, you can right-click on the picture and select “Cascade Order” – “Bottom”.

Fifth, save the PPT template design.

Note: This step is very, very important! Many friends have designed it and saved it directly, but this is wrong, so the saved file is not a PPT template file. The correct way is: In the menu bar, select “File” – “Save As”, in the open interface, make the following settings: save the location, you can put it on the desktop, “file name” is temporarily defined here as “how to make PPT template .ppt”. For “Save as type”, select “Presentation Design Template” and click Save. Next, you can go back to the desktop and look at the icon and extension of the file. Did you find it? Its icon is not the same as the general PPT icon, and its file and extension is “How to make a PPT template.ppt” ;

Sixth, the application of PPT template.

PPT template is finished, how to use this PPT template? Don’t worry, then we create a blank PPT file, then you have seen the top right side of the PPT interface, there is no area, the display is ” The slide layout has “text layout”, “content layout” and the like below it. If you don’t find this area, open the “Format” – “Slide Layout” option in the menu bar.

Note: In the picture above, there is a downward “small arrow” on the right side of the “slide layout”. Click on it to open the “Slideshow Design” option.

Next, notice that there is a “Browse” at the bottom, and click on it with the left mouse button to open the “App Design Template” dialog box. At this point, find the file “How to make a PPT template.ppt” on the desktop, select it, and click the “Apply” button. Have you found out? The PPT template you created before has been applied to this PPT.

Seven, the use of PPT templates.

1. If you are making a PPT template for your own purposes, just use your own entertainment, then you can now officially start adding content to it;

2. If your purpose is to make a template, then send it to colleagues in the company. Then, you can save the current file and send it to the relevant personnel. When they are opened, they will all have a uniform style and a uniform color.


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