How to repair Excel file corruption?


The first method: direct repair

In the latest version of Excel has the function of directly repairing damaged files, you can use Excel’s new “Open and Repair” command to directly check and repair errors in Excel files. Just click on the command and Excel will open a Fix the dialog and click the Fix button in the dialog. The scope of this method is that the damaged file cannot be opened in the conventional method.

The second method: conversion format

Using this method is to save the damaged Excel workbook and select the save format as SYLK format; in general, if you can open the damaged Excel file, but can not perform various editing and printing operations on the file, Then suggest that you try this method to convert the damaged Excel workbook to SYLK format to save, then you can filter out the damaged part of the document.

The third method: using software

For you to recommend a special Excel file repair software ExcelRecovery (ExcelRecovery green Chinese version download), download and install the “ExcelRecovery” software, you can start the software for repair operations. Start ExcelRecovery, click the “Repair” button in the window, select the Excel file to be repaired, and start the automatic repair work. After the completion, set the saved name in the opened dialog box, click the “Save” button to save the repaired file. , complete the repair work.

Hope you like how to repair Excel file corruption.


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