How to restore the computer system


The computer encounters an operating system failure, such as a system crash, the system can not start, and so on, there is really no way to solve it, then only the system restore function. System Restore will restore your operating system to your backup state, which can solve many people’s computer operating system problems.

Method / step

First, you must make sure that you have turned on System Restore before, otherwise you will not be able to restore your operating system for you. If you are sure that it is turned on, then follow my actions. First, open the Start menu and select “Accessories” System Tools System Restore.

Next, open System Restore, find the system restore point, and find the time point that is most suitable for your system restore. Please make sure that your point in time is in the healthiest state of the system, otherwise the system will still be in an abnormal state after you restore the system. .

Next, find the restore point you need and select the restore point.

If you are not sure which restore point is the restore point you want, click Scan for affected programs, so that you know which program is affecting the system.

After selecting the restore point, you can then select “OK”, then the system will automatically restart and start the system restore.


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