How to set up windows firewall


Geekforpc usually likes “streaking” on the Internet and doesn’t want to become a “broiler”. Then ask me how to do it. In fact, the firewall effect of the Windows system comes with a good defense. If you don’t want to use third-party anti-virus software, try Windows. Comes with a firewall.

Method / step

Open the Control Panel

In Win7, click “Control Panel” in “Start”, as shown in the figure.

Open the first item “System and Security”, click “Check Firewall Status” to pop up the location interface of the firewall, that is, the network where the firewall is located, whether it is a public network or a home office network. Obviously, the public network has a lower security factor, and then the firewall’s permissions are correspondingly larger.

On the left side of this page are some basic settings for the firewall.

Change notification settings, firewall switches, restore defaults, and advanced settings.

After clicking to open or close the firewall, the firewall switch interface appears. Whether on the home network or on the public network, windows systems are recommended to open the firewall. Although opening the firewall will reduce the risk of the move, but it will also block some of the programs you want to run. For example, the brothers in the dormitory want to play games together, but they can’t connect to the LAN. It may be blocked by the firewall.

If the firewall is causing data to be uninteroperable, you can open the advanced settings. Click Advanced Settings to bring up the Advanced Security dialog.

Click on “Inbound Rules” to view the rules of the program through Windows Firewall. With this rule, you can add or delete programs you want to open or block. At the same time, some rules are not necessary, you can click the delete button on the right to delete the rules.


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