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one punch man

One Punch man is an internet comic which is created by the ONE. ONE started publishing this comic in 2009 and it reached to 7.9 million users in just a few weeks in 2012. In One Punch Man, you will get to know the story which is related to Saitama.

Some of you may be thinking that what is Saitama? Well, the Saitama is a powerful superhero in this webcomic. This webcomic always publishes in the Japanese language and then Viz Media then converts in it the English language.

Let’s take a brief glance at all the characters in this webcomic.

one punch man

One Punch Man Online

Following are the main characters that you will find in this internet comic:

Saitama: Saitama is the main character in this webcomic. He has some extraordinary powers and defeats the opponents in just a single punch. He is a 25 years old superhero. He is living in the house in the City Z. The physical strength of this superhero is shown amazing. His stamina, strength is perfect to beat any kind of monsters.

  • Genos

Talking about the genos then, genos is also a superhero who is the disciple of Saitama. The genos is a 19-year old hero who belongs to the S-class of the Hero Association.

  • Zeniru

Zeniru is a rich person who lives in the F-City. In the comic, he is a millionaire with a bodyguard, Sonic.

  • Kuseno

Kuseno is a doctor who transformed genos into a cyborg. He is a very kind person who always supports genos and guides him.

  • Charanko and Sourface are other two important characters in the comic.
  • Bomb

It is a time to take a brief glance at the monsters in the One Punch Man Manga.

The monsters are classified into C-class and A-class. There are five types of monsters in the series:

  • Tiger

These are the types of monsters who can completely harm the life of anyone

  • Dragon

Dragons have the power to destruct various towns

  • God

The monsters in the God types kill the human beings.

  • Wolf

They are seriously hazardous

  • Demon

Demons are similar to Dragons but they can destroy the only single city.

There are various chapters are included in this comic series. Until 2018, this series has 134 chapters.

Let’s talk about the story of this webcomic.

On an Earth-like planet, dangerous villains and monsters have been causing destructions. So, to fight with these monsters, superheroes have come to kill them. These superheroes are from the Hero Association. The superheroes were categorized from strong S-class to weak C-class. This means that the superheroes who are in the S-class are stronger than those in C-class. The story of this comic series is thus very interesting.

This comic series received a massive recognition from the audience. It was nominated for Manga Taisho Awards in 2014. As on April 2018, this manga has 15 million copies in print across the entire globe.

In 2015, it was also nominated for an Eisner Award.

In the United States, its two volumes were released and both of these volumes were on the New York Times Manga Best Sellers List.

One Punch Man Manga is really an awesome comic series so don’t hesitate to watch it.


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