What are the practical shortcut of PPT


What are the practical shortcut keys for PPT slide show? PPT slide show practical shortcuts summary, in fact, in our life, the use of ppt is relatively high, so the office white must also understand the skills of a little ppt shortcuts, then the computer technology network of the small series for everyone to summarize Some shortcuts, I hope to help everyone!

shortcut of PPT(Power point presentation)

F5 button: Show from the beginning.

SHIFT+F5: Show from the current slide show.

ESC key: Exit the show.

CTRL+P key: Bring up the laser pointer.

Ctrl+A: Exit the laser pointer.

W key: ppt enters the blank screen state, and then press the W key to exit the blank screen.

B key: ppt enters the state of all black pages; press B again to exit the black screen.

E key: Clear the marks, lines and other traces written by the laser pen.

HOME button: Return to the first slide.

END key: Jump to the last slide.

Left or right or up and down direction keys: Previous or next.

Electronic whiteboard: Click the screen to play the next one, and draw a straight line to the left to play the previous one.


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