The solution is very messy after using Word to paste.

Word unformatted paste problem, then how do we achieve Word document pasteless paste? Let our document is beautiful and beautiful, is it suitable for us to edit? Here we use Word2013 to demonstrate the specific operation method, the previous version of the operation method The same! The content is a bit more, I hope that friends will be able to watch the temperament, which will help you!

Method one, choose the correct paste option

After the content shared by the netizen is uploaded to the website, the content of the document will become the webpage layout format, and will be directly copied and saved into the Word document, and the original format may be saved, and the normal use of the content may not be utilized. The content you want to refer to is beautiful and practical, we should choose the correct way to paste:

Method 1: Select when pasting

After copying the content, right click on the pasted place, and the paste option will appear in the right-click menu. Select the paste method that suits our needs!

Let’s look at the paste option.

  1. “retain the original format”

If you need to save the text and the picture, and hope that CCTV is the same as the original one, generally we use the “retain original format” way to paste, this method is rarely used

2. matching format (merged format)

Set the paste content to the same style as the existing document. This is the recommended method for everyone.

3. “Keep only text”

If you only use text content, we generally use the “reserved text only” method to paste, to avoid pasting the web page format together.

Method 2: Set after pasting

If you forget to choose the way to post it when you paste it, it doesn’t matter. After the paste is finished, a paste icon will appear at the cursor at the end of the content. We will click the down arrow and the “Paste option” will still appear. Choose the appropriate way. Also!

Method 2, set the format option for pasting

The following way to set the format options for pasting is the most thorough method, once and for all! Let’s take a look at the setting method of Word2013.

  • The first step, open Word2013, click the “File” button,
  • second step, in the Word file menu that appears, click “Options” on the left side.
  • The third step, in the “Word Options” interface, click the “Advanced” tab on the left, in the right window to find “cross-document paste” and “other program paste” two, click the back arrow below, respectively, inside Click to select “Merge Format” (you can also choose “Keep Text Only”, but it is not suitable for pasting 

I hope that you have referenced the content after using Word to paste the content format is very messy, and then no longer encounter the problem of incorrect format after the content is pasted!


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