Top 5 free Mac apps you should use!


These are my favorite free apps for Apple. There may be a bunch of apps that are your love, and there is no name on the list. This is a free Mac app, I think if everyone should use it.

If you have an Apple computer.

Method / step

The first one is an application called onyx, onyx is an excellent Mac cleaning product, the tool it is powerful it is free, often updated you can clean up your Mac using some basic things like erasing, caching And cookies, but you can also do some more aggressive cleanup, such as deleting the language you don’t use.

The second application is the app cleaner, which deletes the applications they already have on the Mac. If you have deleted an app, the mac will not be able to find those old residual files.

The next one is f.lux, of F-flux, which is an application that controls the color temperature. The screen is based on the time of day. This is a very gradual way. During the day your screen will be normal, but as the sun goes down , it will slowly drop, remove the cool colors from the screen, in order to make your eyes more comfortable. Make your computer experience better and less eye strain.

Next up is The Unarchiver. It’s the best decompression or archiving application, and you may not use the compression program very often. But if someone else sends you something that needs to be uncompressed, it will handle all the major compression formats and extract it correctly, which is lightweight.

Finally, CopyClip, which is a free copy of the clip and store everything for the app. He will store a list of all the content you have copied, a history of these copied texts.


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