What does 32-bit 64-bit mean? Windows 32-bit 64-bit system difference


64-bit operating systems have higher execution efficiency and hardware utilization than 32-bit systems. 64-bit systems are getting better compatibility with 32-bit software and games. More and more software vendors are willing to introduce 64-bit. Version, so many users are willing to choose a 64-bit operating system. 

So what is the difference between the two? Here is a introduction to the difference between windows 32-bit 64-bit system, let’s take a look.

So many friends are very concerned about 32-bit systems and 64-bit systems. I always want to know how many systems in my computer, then what is the meaning of 32-bit 64-bit? What is the difference between the two? The following describes the difference between the Windows 32-bit operating system and the Windows 64-bit operating system, it can be said that in addition to the memory, the rest is not too important.

Method / step

First: You have to know that when the Windows 64-bit operating system is running, it is 2 times faster than the Windows 32-bit system, theoretically.

Second: The most practical point is that the Windows 32-bit operating system can support up to 4G of memory (actually, it is almost 3.15 3.25). However, if you install a 64-bit operating system and 4G of memory, you can use it. That is 3.7 3.8, this can be said that your memory is less than or equal to 4G, this system does not have to be too tangled.

Third: Windows 64-bit operating system, the theoretical support for memory is large, more depends on how many slots your motherboard has, how much memory you have, how much recognition I have! ~

Fourth: This is the issue of compatibility. You should know that there are two folders in the following figure. One has one behind (x86), X86 stands for 32 bits, and X64 stands for 64 bits. (X represents the meaning of the architecture. , do not need to know more) 32 compatibility is really better, but now, until win8.1, the system is developing very well, compatibility is good.

Fifth: At present, if your computer configuration is sufficient, it is recommended to install a Windows 7 64-bit flagship version. He can’t say that he is the best. He can only say that he is the most compatible. (This year, I can only refer to the compatibility. Some small software) As for the current win8/8.1 system, almost no need to consider compatibility issues! ~

The above is the difference between Windows 32-bit 64-bit system, do you understand? hopefully this can provide beneficial help to everyone!


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