What should I do if my browser security certificate expires?


Nowadays, there are more and more browsers, what 2345 browser, cheetah browser, 360 browser, UC browser, etc., and the IE browser that comes with the system, and we are in the process of using it. Will you encounter some unpleasant things, such as the browser prompting the website’s security certificate expired? What should I do? To this end, Geekforpc gave you a tutorial on solving the problem of browser security certificate expiration

What to do if the security certificate expires

Press win+r to open the running window, enter mmc.

In the window, click on the file and select Add/Remove Snap-in.

In the interface, click Certificate → Add  ..Then select: my user account, click OK

Then click OK to exit, click Certificate – Current User → Trusted Root Certification Authorities → Certificate in the interface, then find the certificate prompted by the browser on the right, and then delete it.

Reopen your browser, click View Certificate, and then install the certificate – install to a trusted and certificate authority.


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