What should I do if the task manager display incomplete


When using the computer, sometimes opening the task manager will find that the task manager is not fully displayed. How to solve this situation? What are the reasons for the incomplete display of the task manager? There are many reasons for the incomplete display of the task manager. Therefore, many users don’t know how to solve it. Below, Geekforpc will explain to you the steps to solve the incomplete display of the computer task manager.

How to solve the problem of computer task manager display incomplete

First way

Open the Task Manager and double-click on the surrounding gray area to restore it.

Second way

Open the task manager  then Select (process)–(View)–(Select column) Then Put a tick in front of the username

Third way

Right click on my computer and enter (manage).

Select (Service) double click in (Services & Applications). In the box on the right, find the English logo as shown in the figure, and the startup type is changed to “Automatic or Manual”.

Then right click and select Start to complete all settings.

The above is the processing method of the computer task manager display incomplete. If you feel helpful, then please write us in comment.


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