Akamai Netsession client? is it safe to Remove

What is Akamai netsession?

Akamai Netsession client

Akamai netsession is basically a software provided by Akamai technologies. Akamai technologies is an US based company that provide cloud services. Also, Akamai technologies is a CDN. CDN stands for cloud delivery network.

The Akamai technologies is one of the most prominent companies in its industry with yearly revenue of more than gigantic two billion US dollars. This company was founded in 1998 about twenty years ago from today. Akamai netsession enhance the users sxperience while uploading and downloading files, videos and audios.

Akamai netsession client:

Akamai netsession client is a software that is available on most of the PCs and laptops by default. It also comes bundled with many apps. Its main purpose is to enhance the downloading speed Most of the companies use Akamai netsessioninterface to deliver various files to their users. So, for effective functioning of the Akamai netsession interface these companies will sometimes compel you to install the Akamai netsession client.

Following are the advantages of using the Akamai netsession client on your computer:

  • It boosts the downloading speed.
  • Along with the faster downloading, it will also maintain your privacy.
  • It provides a supreme security and comes with HTTPS/SSL security.

Where to find Akamai netsession client on my computer?

For windows: Those who are using windows PC just go to control panel there you will find this tool.

For Mac: Select the system preference tab to get Akamai netsession client

Akamai netsession client is a malware? Yes or No?

Some of you may even notice that windows firewall restricts this software and show it as a malware. But Akamai netsession client is not a malware or a virus. If you want to allow this software you can just click on allow button to get it. Also, it does not surround your computer with any malware so no need to worry. If you really want to improve the downloading speed then, Akamai netsession client is the best software to use.

Let’s talk about Akamai netsession interface.

Basically, Akamai netsession interface is a software that improves the video downloading speed and also the efficiency of certain apps that are installed on your computer. Almost more than 60% of media publishers use this software to provide various files to their customers.

This entire software does its work in the background. Whenever you are not downloading any video or any types of files, it automatically uploads the certain bandwidth.

You may ask a question that how I can see what Akamai netsession interface is doing on my computer? Well, netsession offers their users features with the help of which users can view the functioning of this software.

Following is the step by step process of how to view Akamai netsession interface settings:

For windows PC:

First of all, open the windows control panel and you will see the icon along with the name Akamai netsession interface control panel. Click on this icon to manage settings.

For Mac users:

Those computers having Mac OS will find the settings in the other option. Then, simply find the Akamai on the system preferences pane.

There is a myth on the internet that Akamai netsession interface is a malware. Or you may get some negative information about this software. But honestly speaking Akamai netsession interface is a safe and secure software. It does not harm your privacy or not it contains any type of virus and it does not steal your personal information. The main intention behind developing and using this software is that you will get the faster download experience and your PC will become more efficient.

What is the impact of the Akamai netsession interface on my download speed?

As netsession runs in the background there are some chances that your download speed may decrease when a lot of applications are opened on your PC. Otherwise, it is the best due to which your downloading as well as uploading speed will definitely increase.

It provides a top-notch HTTPS/SSL security. You can uninstall it any time you want.

Following is the step-by-step process with the help of which you can uninstall this software:

For windows:

Open the windows control pane and click on the add or remove programs.

Then, choose the Akamai netsession interface

Later, just click on remove option.

For Mac devices:

Go to the folder /Applications/Akamai/

Then, click on the uninstaller app twice and then, select confirm button.

So, in this article we discuss about what is Akamai netsession, Akamai netsession client and Akamai netsession interface. Also, you get detailed process of how to uninstall this software along with their features. We are sure that you must got some worthy knowledge about the above-mentioned software after reading this article. If you like this article don’t hold yourself back from sharing this article with your friends. Because “Sharing is caring!”

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