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The Most Detailed Guide Of CamScanner Application:

A scanner is a very important application for students, homemakers, or working professionals. In this technology-driven world, whether you are doing online transactions, filling the forms, or attaching the documents in the mail, all such processes are carried through online mode. In previous decades, scanners and other scanning machines were way expensive, and everyone cannot afford them. But these online scanners are free and easy to use.

Nowadays, when we talk about software or online scanners, the most popular scanner comes in our mind that is CamScanner. Even you might be having this application on your smartphone. This application is used by millions to store the information and scan the documents.

There are various advantageous features of this application, such as excellent editing, high-resolution scan, and picture detection. Due to such excellent features, this application has become a trusted scanning software. However, this application is not directly compatible with the PC.

In this article, we’ll deeply discuss about CamScanner and its features. We’ll even explain how to use this application on Windows and Mac.

What Is CamScanner Application?

camscanner for pc

Initially, CamScanner was a 100% free application, and it was specially designed for the students and working professionals. Currently, you can say this is the best application for scanning your documents. With CamScanner, any document you see in real, it can be transferred to the digital mode.

Yes, with this application, you can access, edit, and manage your documents anywhere and anytime. These documents are then saved automatically in your device. Just open this application, and it will take care of all your documents.

With this application, you can scan any type of documents, graphics, and texts safely and hassle-free. You can enhance the digitized documents easily with the smart-enhance feature. Above all, you get several enhance modes in this application.

You can even create PDFs of your documents after scanning them. You can also customize the PDFs because of the 10-page size options available in this application. While scanning the documents, you can auto-crop them according to your preference.

Once your documents are scanned, you can copy and move them to different device locations. When it comes to safety, you can set passwords for confidential documents. You don’t even have to worry about the loss of your data. Yes, you can easily back-up your documents with one click to your SD card.

CamScanners allows you to share your scanned documents in PDF or JPG formats collaborating with mail. You can even print your documents with Google Cloud Print wirelessly. The best part of this application is simple and quick editing.

Once you edit any document, it will be automatically synced to the other saved devices too. When you sign up with this application, you get free 200M to save your documents. The full version of this application is free for educational users.

How To Use CamScanner On Windows?

CamScanner is an Android application and cannot be directly used on your Windows laptop. But, this scanning application can be installed on your laptop using BlueStacks. To use this application on PC, your desktop should have atleast 2GB Ram and 4GB of free hard disk space. If your computer fulfills these requirements, then follow the upcoming steps:

  • First, you have to search ‘BlueStacks’ on your browser. BlueStacks is a popular Android emulator, and you can even download it from the official website, If you are following this URL address, make sure you download BlueStack for Windows.
  • Once the installer is downloaded, head towards the download folder. Click on the downloaded file, and the installation process will complete within a couple of minutes. Once the installation process is completed, it will automatically run on your computer.
  • If BlueStacks is working properly, you have to download ‘CamScanner.’ This application was officially available on Google Play Store. But, a couple of months back, it was removed due to virus issues. But, now, CamScanner is safe to use.
  • Download CamScanner and start scanning your documents.

How To Download CamScanner For Mac?

Mac is an entirely different OS, and you have to download BlueStacks for Mac. Your Mac OS should be 10.8 or later. Above all, your Mac computer should atleast have 2GB Ram.

  • For Mac, you have to follow the same process of downloading and installing BlueStacks. The only difference is the time taken to install BlueStacks. This thing also depends on your internet connection.
  • Above all, the process of downloading CamScanner is also the But, make sure you download the CamScanner version available for Mac.

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