Coworking spaces: Becoming a productive space for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs no longer want to work in those boring workspaces. As they need a lot of imagination skills and persistent thoughts to think of outstanding ideas, sitting in the same old spaces won’t make them think of some great ideas.

Startup funding is now used to make these spaces better by adding some fun elements.

That’s where coworking spaces come into play. 


Less expensive for entrepreneurs.

Leasing a traditional commercial office space usually requires signing a lease agreement for two to ten years in length (five years is typical). A deposit is also needed regularly. Depending on state or provincial laws and how a lease agreement is structured, getting out of a trade agreement can be difficult and expensive, especially if space is not much needed.

On the other hand, the place you work for is treated as a club membership – the space is rented every month, some providers offer weekly, hourly, or even paid options. The workspace is ideal for startup entrepreneurs looking for a suitable place to work without high prior costs and long-term commitments from a cash flow perspective.

The flexibility of the coworking space can also be beneficial to a growing business startup. Hiring more employees is as easy as adding membership.


Make important contacts.

Coworking spaces are a great place to connect with other entrepreneurs, especially beginners. Need help with bookkeeping, a web designer for your business, a photographer, to cover your next event, or someone to help you with your social media marketing campaign? The technology you need can be as far away as a few desks. Many Coworking spaces in Chandigarh are becoming a hub for making such connections.

Besides, providing your services to other members can get you a new business without marketing problems. Engaging with other entrepreneurs daily is very good orally and is a much more effective (and less expensive) way to find a new business than advertising.

For summer students and trainees, working with them can be a great way to meet potential employers.


Multiple facilities.

One of the most significant advantages of working with them is avoiding all other costs of setting up a private office space that includes furniture, utensils, additional fees for rental service, and equipment (coffee machine, refrigerator, microwave, etc.). Finding the right length for a private office can also be time-consuming.

Users of the workspace sign a membership agreement that stipulates funding, terms of use of the space, and any other legal features that govern the member’s relationship. This agreement provides details about any all-inclusive services.

Membership vacancies usually include:

  • Desk and chair (depending on membership level, this could be any existing desk, dedicated desk, or private office)
  • Fast Internet (cable or Wi-Fi)
  • Access to shared printer / scanner / copy
  • Bookshelf space
  • Free coffee, tea, and kitchen areas, including refrigerator and microwave
  • Conference room use (by booking)

Another attractive feature of the workplace, especially for millennial entrepreneurs, is a few responsibilities. Property management is responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of buildings. An inclusive environment works together and facilitates accounting and tax adjustment, as all services are integrated into a single monthly invoice.

So, why not work in a coworking space and boost your productivity?

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