Don bradman cricket 14 for PC Download

Don Bradman cricket 14 is one of the best cricket video games.This game is developed by Big Ant Studios and published by Tru Blu entertainment. It has earned a lot of popularity in the cricket world. The unique thing about this game is that you are able to play a full day test matches.

It is compatible with Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Microsoft windows and Xbox One. It was launched on some platforms in 2015.

You can play this game as single-player as well as multi-player.

Following are the features of the Don Bradman cricket 14:

  • In this game, you will get the real career stats of the cricket players.
  • It comes with the feature of the Cricket Academy program where gamers can modify their teams, stadiums and a lot of customization options are available.
  • They have used advanced technology to create the faces of players. The players look like real one.
  • Also, you can ask for review if the umpire makes wrong decisions.
  • They have introduced practice nets in this game where players can warm up before the match. Six types of soundtracks are involved in this game. The titles of these tracks are Road Junkie, Feels Like Real, Smiley, Looking Good, Rokit and Off the Radar.

The game was in development since 2013. This game has received mix reviews. Some of the cricket gamers called it as the “best cricket game of this generation.”

Download Don Bradman cricket 14 for PC windows 10

Let’s move towards the system requirements of the Don Bradman Cricket 14. Following are the system requirements that you must know:

  • RAM: You must require minimum of 2 GB RAM.
  • CPU: User must have a CPU of dual core 2 GHz
  • Hard disc space: Sufficient amount of space of 3 GB is the minimum requirement.
  • Operating System: In case of operating system you have a number of choices such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

Now we will discuss the features of this game which make us excited to play this game:

Now you will get the realistic outfield

The 3D effects that they have added in the game are amazing to watch out.

Also, this game comes up with latest and outstanding sound effects.

In this game, while making umpire’s decision latest technology is used which gives us the accurate decisions.

In case of graphics, this game is damn cool

The players in the game have their previous match records. These statistics will help you to select players which will really work for your game.

They have created the game in such a way to give users a realistic experience of playing cricket. Hope you will enjoy this game!


System Requirements of Don Bradman Cricket 14 Game:

CPU = Dual Core Or Higher
RAM = 1 GB
Graphics Memory = 128 MB
Processor = 2.0 GHz
Total HDD Space Required = 3 GB.

So, enjoy this brilliant game and have fun!

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