Top 7 games like huniepop to Add A Little Fun in your life

There are a lot of games which offers tile-matching puzzle games and that too are available on internet as well. The Huniepop game is known to be the most popular game that consists of some adult puzzles as well. This game was launched in 2015 and the idea behind this game is dating and tile-matching both. Users can use it on Android or iOS as well. Not only these but this game is also available at Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux so you can enjoy it anywhere you want.

Apart from that if you got bored of this game by playing it again and again? What to do now? This is why we are here with this post presenting you the top 7 games like huniepop. Now let’s get started so that you can get a plenty of options to play a games like huniepop.

Top 7 games like huniepop

1- Roommates

So the first up on the list of top 7 games like huniepop is Roommates and it is known to be the best option to cheat huniepop. You can also see it as a visual novel game and more interesting thing is that you can enjoy it on Android and iOS as well.

While it offers only single player for the game so you will have to choose a protagonist among Anne or Mane as you are allowed to choose the gender also. This game let you experience the virtual romance and what could come up in real life.

2- Mystic Messenger

Ok now on the second game on the list of top 7 games like huniepop is mystic messenger. It is the game totally resembles to huniepop game. Although, it is a female based game so you can get to enjoy in every possible way. The developer of this game is Cheritz and it was launched in 2017, while this amazing is present in both iOS and Android versions.

3- Conception II : Children of seven stars

The third game on the list of games like huniepop is Conception II : Children of seven stars. It offers an amazing roleplay where a user can enjoy many kinds of aspects same as huniepop game.

The developer of this game is Spike Chunsoft and launched it in 2013. Whule this amazing can be enjoyed at many different platforms like Windows, PlayStation and Nintendo 3DS as well.

The game story includes students of high school who have ether in his body. This fact get more people to like him.

4- Flower Shop

The next up game we have in the list of top7 game like huniepop is flower shop. This game cam be downloaded with Windows, Mac, iOS Android and Linux also. The flower shop game is a single player game which is also another adult visual novel. This game comes with two versions encrypted which are namely as summer in fairbook and winter in fairbook.

5- Kamidori Alchemy Meister

While the huniepop gamewas an amazing game in the world of dating simulation and adult games but the Kamidori game has another level of fantasies this is why it is on fifth number in the list of top 7 games like huniepop.

While the story involves a boy who is an orphan and getting trained to become an Alchemist. You can enjoy adventures in his life waiting ahead of the game stages.

As the stage goes up the level he get company of three girls. You can also get to choose the girl you want to romance with.

6- Shira Oka : Second chance

When you have played the huniepop game and finally got bored of it you should rush to this amazing game which is on number sixth in our top 7 games like huniepop list. It is a kind of game that has some high school story that attracts users and seems refreshing and something relatable to them. You can try the game and thank me later for recommendation.

7- Dandelion

When you are on searching mode for game like huniepop then it is recommended for you to check the game which is called as Dandelion. This is also a dating simulation kind of game. The thing which makes this game to stand apart is the storyline and the adventurous process.

This story is based on a girl named Heejung Kim and there three cute guys after her.

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