How to achieve win7 remote desktop connection?

To achieve win7 remote desktop connection is not difficult, a QQ remote connection will be done. Although it is convenient to use the QQ connection method, there may be instability in the case of using QQ remote connection. So is there a stable and reliable way? Now I will introduce the way of Win7 remote desktop connection that comes with Windows system, which is more stable and smoother.

Turn on Remote Assistance and Remote Desktop

To use the Win7 Remote Desktop connection that comes with Windows, you need to enable the following services Remote Assistance and Remote Desktop.

1. Right click on ” My Computer “, open ” System Settings “, and click ” Remote Settings ” on the top right .

2. In the Remote Assistance check box ” Allow remote assistance to connect to this computer “;

3. Select ” Allow computer connections to run any version of Remote Desktop ” in the remote desktop .

Get the remote connection IP address

The built-in win7 remote desktop connection needs to be the IP address of the remote desktop, so please check and record the IP address of the connected computer before use.

1. Open ” Network and Internet ” in the ” Control Panel ” and go to ” View Network Status and Tasks “;

2. Click ” Local Area Connection ” to the right of ” View Active Network “;

3. Under “General”, click on ” Details ” to record the IPv4 address.

Win7 remote desktop connection step

1. Open ” Remote Desktop Connection ” in the attachment directory of the Start menu.

2. Enter the IP address of the computer that needs Remote Desktop Connection in the computer bar, and enter the user name and password to log in.

The win7 remote desktop connection may have a bit more steps in the initial setup, but the only difference between the subsequent connection process and the QQ remote desktop is that the built-in win7 remote desktop connection uses the ip address and username password, while the QQ is needed again. Connect to the computer and log in to QQ. In contrast, the built-in win7 remote desktop connection is more convenient to use, only one end of the operation. Remind everyone that if you don’t use remote connections frequently, you can disable the win7 remote desktop service to avoid being hacked and remotely controlled.

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