How to make money with a blog?

It is every blogger’s vision to get to a stage where they make money online and then share the joy with the rest of the world.


How to make money with a blog?

Let’s take it from the start and rewind it. Why can most web-bloggers make money, and how do you do the same?


Five steps to follow to make money with blogging:

1. Setup your self-hosted blog

The is the easiest step to make money online. Registering a domain name and setting up a blog is so simple these days. What you need is some support and are heading in the right direction. It’s natural to make mistakes as a start of blogging. That ‘s OK provided you learn from your mistakes and don’t repeat them. Those tips are in mind when launching a blog. There’s a big difference between web hosting. And have your domain and a self-hosted website. Make the best decision from the start and choose the right platform.


2. Start publishing great content

Yeah, you’ve got up and running a website, this is fantastic! Then it’s time to get to one of blogging ‘s hardest and most demanding jobs, which is nothing but creating the actual material for your blog. Good blog material can not be text, but photos, videos, infographics or even audio. A blog that makes money needs a lot of content, and you need to come up with a lot of ideas and subjects to discuss on a weekly (if not daily) basis, so remember that when selecting your niche.


3. Build organic traffic for your blog

You need organic traffic and not only traffic, in general, to earn money from your work from home jobs blog. Search engines (mostly Google) generate organic traffic. The “user intention” is an essential source of organic traffic than any other source of traffic. A Google search box user who types a query has a clear purpose. He or she looks for a reply, wants to learn something, find information, or buy a product.


4. Build a community around your brand

After you’ve got a very pleased blog and traffic starts flowing in, your next step is to build your brand community. It would help if you first gained the confidence of the user before making any sales (conversions, etc.), but through creating the community. You must stop thinking of your blog as a hobby at this stage, but you must change your mind and approach it so that you contact a ‘real’ business.


5. Start making money by selling ads

Have you ever noticed how much you have to do to make money? Although the blog post is about making money from your blog, nearly three-quarters of the content is about previous activities, and that is how blogging for money works in real life startup stories.

As a reminder, you need to understand that you’re not going to make money from your blog if:

  • There’s insufficient organic traffic.
  • You have no decent list of e-mail.
  • You have no loyal followers’ community.
  • You have no conversion content.

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