How to perfectly pitch your guest post

Guest post is one of the most prominent method used nowadays for building your promotional value and building good relationships.

Some of us always try to increase traffic on your blog and it’s quite difficult. Few years ago it was very difficult to increase our personal network but nowadays there are many ways available and Guest Posting is one of the most effective ways of doing it. I would be suggesting some ideas to do it but before that let us understand see what exactly the guest posting is.


Guest Posting means publishing your hard work or your content to someone else website. It helps you to gain more traffic. It helps you to grow your relationship with other bloggers which is obviously beneficial because the maximum part of internet is occupied by bloggers and social media influencers. During this whole process your blog value increases and your content become visible on search engines sometimes too.

Step by step guide for pitching of Guest Post:

  1. Find the best host blog:
  2. Submission of guest posts.

Find the best host blog: 

Choosing the right host blog is one of the most important part and you need to choose it carefully.You need to find perfect blog or website for guest posting. While doing that you need to keep following things in your mind.

  • Take a week or two before pitching your guest post to the blogger and comment on his recent blogs. Share his work on twitter by mentioning his username. This can help you stay no longer a stranger for the host and this may be strategic to you.
  • Make your content attractive enough so that people will click on the backlinks.
  • The host blog should have engaged readership so that you will get a whole new bunch of people to read your blog.
  • The blog or website owner should be active on the all social media platform so that when he shares his blog there, your work will be automatically shared.
  1. Submission of guest posts.

Many of us are confused about what kind of post they should submit. The simplest answer to this question is check out the posts of host blogger. If his posts are longer, do the same or if his posts have lot of images then you can follow the same trick. Being well prepared is the best practice to follow. Before submitting any blog post you need to read all the guidelines for guest posting. Those guidelines will tell you about the formatting and other related stuff.

  1. Follow up

For any guest post follow up is quite important. We need to understand that bloggers are busy, it is normal for them to get your article missed. If you have not heard from them after 5 days just send them a friendly reminder about your article. They will certainly put your article on priority. In this way you will have better chances of your article getting published.

Hope you have learned some tips from this article regarding how to perfectly do guest posting. If you want to share your experience regarding guest posting kindly feel free to let us know in the comments below. If we find your tips worth including. We will update the article with your tips accordingly.

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