How to recover the win7 recycle bin

Many users of the win system are using it. Its biggest advantage is its beautiful interface and humanized service. This is what many users have been pursuing. Sometimes we empty the contents of the recycle bin and suddenly regret it. What if I want to retrieve a file that has already been emptied? Then how can I recover the win7 recycle bin ? Then I will introduce it in detail:

How to recover the win 7 recycle bin?

1. Open the Data Recovery Tool interface and select the required modules, such as delete file recovery.

2. According to the location of the lost file, select a specified hard disk partition to scan (for example, if your recycle bin is placed on the C drive, then select the C drive to scan). After selecting it, click “Scan”.

3. You can choose to scan the specified file format. After the scan, the files that can be recovered are listed. Click “Next”.

4, this way, you check the files you need to recover, specify a folder as the location to restore the file, and then click “Next”.

5, wait a few minutes, under normal circumstances, as long as you can scan out can be restored. Click “Open Directory” to see the files that were previously deleted by you.

How to recover the win7 recycle bin? The above is a detailed introduction. The next time you encounter a file you need to retrieve, you can try it.

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