Jobs Available in Hyderabad where you can apply now

Jobs Available in Hyderabad

1. Business Development Manager

They are primarily responsible for developing and diversifying businesses in such a way as to ensure an increase in revenues and the future and growth of the organization. The Business Development Manager jobs in Hyderabad ask for a range of skills and capabilities that focus on the organization ‘s best strategic and financial outcomes. When drafting a job description for the Business Development Manager, ideal applicants can come from several industries.


2. Biomedical engineering

Biomedical engineers work with a wide variety of scientific, professional, and managerial personnel and, at times, with patients. Job responsibilities include the design, testing, and implementation of new medical procedures, such as computer-aided surgery and tissue engineering. A substantial degree of related subject matter such as biomedical engineering, biomedical technology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, or physics is needed to become a biomedical engineer.

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3. Graphics Designer

Graphic designers incorporate images and text from company logos to promotional materials, and more, into everything. While their skills can be valuable to many different industries, getting a foot in the door typically requires entry-level designers to have a strong portfolio that they have developed through coursework or internships. Graphic designers create graphic documents that efficiently and esthetically pleasingly express the messages.


4. Automation Testing

Automation Research Engineers are nothing other than developers employed on modern or current device architecture, development, emulation, and monitoring. Automation testing is a software technique to check and compare the received output with the supposed or expected output. This means reviewing applications will become repetitive, which is why internships in Hyderabad involve engineers building and produce programs so that this function can be carried out automatically without any human effort.


5. Business Development Executive

A business development executive responsible for researching and pursuing new business leads to business growth. The role involves active team coordination and requires exceptional interpersonal skills. It is anticipated that the executive should focus on innovative company ideas and reports that are a compelling reflection of an enterprise’s products/services. A Business Development Executive’s role is to assist the sales and growth efforts of organizations by acquiring new customers.


6. Data Analyst

A statistical scientist gathers and stores inventory statistics, industry analysis, transportation, linguistics, and other behaviors. They carry technological skills to ensure the consistency and accuracy of the data, then process, develop, and deliver it in ways that enable individuals, companies, and organizations to improve decision-making. A data analyst is someone who uses data analysis tools to scrutinize information. By identifying various facts and trends, the meaningful results that they draw from the raw data help their employers or clients make crucial decisions.



Be it, freshers or experienced professionals, Hyderabad is one of the top trending places for jobs and internships. Any person looking for great opportunities in Hyderabad should apply for the above posts.

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