The 5 Most Common Windows Errors and How to Fix Them

In this age of fast and swift internet, coming across a problem on the screen really freaks us out. Whenever a new update of the windows comes, there is always some sort of errors that appear on the screen. Some of them are unavoidable and pretty much difficult to stave off.

If you are also facing such errors, and some of the errors are not allowing you to reboot your computer normally, and it persists as long as you solve it.
Keep reading the article and find what are the most basic errors? and what are their solutions. If you want to know about some advance windows problem and their solutions then don’t forget to visit Infoocode.

Most Common Windows Errors

1. Windows Update Error 0x80070057

if you see Windows error code on your computer. These errors are most of the time, repetitive. The structure of such errors keeps changing every time when you restart your computer. But there are quite fewer chances  0x80070057. It usually appears on your computer when you run Update problem on your computer.

It is wonderful when you are updating your Windows and it works, but when this error appears, it is really frustrating. This error is the mother of all errors and is quite difficult to resolve.

  1. DLL Errors

There are a lot of programs that called a shared file whenever they perform some action. They are called Dynamic Link Library.  They are built-in in your Windows and every software in your computer have to use it. It does not matter which of the printer software you are using. whenever you press Print Test Page, it shows the Windows method which is the default.

This error can not be simply fixed by replacing DLL error if you try to resolve this error by replacing the file. Another DLL error appears of this type.

How to Fix DLL?

You can solve this issue by simply installing and reinstalling the program. It the program you are using is small, you can solve it out in very few minutes. it will take time to fix it if it is a big program.

  1. Security Certificate Errors

Security certificates are the main cause to connect you to secure websites.  All the website owner must pay to a third party Certificate Authority like Godaddy etc.

How to Fix?

You can easily solve this error by simply turning on your computer’s clock. This error appears when your computer’s clock is off and due to which the certificates are not able to match the date with the date of your computer. Because all these certificate software has to start and end dates. You can turn the clock on by looking on the system date of your computer by right-clicking on the time in System try and then clicking Adjust date/time.

  1. Blue Screen Stop Errors

Blue screen errors may be not very much famous around computer users but they may occur when Windows come across a problem and shuts down to avoid these messages.

In order to solve this issue, Microsoft has revamped this blue screen into a much simpler form for Windows 8 and the above OS. It simply contains a frowning face, a basic Your PC ran into a problem message and an error code.

5.Kmode Exception Not Handled

KMode Exception Not Handled in windows is a common is a common error in which your computer screen turns into a blue screen. It is also called Blue Screen of Death(BSOD).

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