Office how to activate genuine Office2016 activation


Many new laptops are pre-installed with genuine Office software, but the first time you need to activate it. There are often netizens asking how to activate the relevant issues in Office, the following computer Pepsi network “computer enthusiasts” Geekforpc to introduce the pre-installed genuine Office2016 computer activation graphic tutorial.

First, before the Office is activated, you must first activate the Windows (10) system. Users can activate it in the Air Panel -> System and Security – System interface. There have been a lot of introductions about system activation, which will not be introduced here.

Genuine Windows systems generally only need to remain connected to the network after booting, the system will automatically activate, no need to manually activate. If it does not have its own activation, you can manually complete the activation as described above.Second, after the Windows system is activated, you can activate your own Office. The activation is verified by Microsoft, so the computer is also connected.

Office how to activate genuine Office 2016 activation

1. In the networked state, find any Office file and open it. The first time you will be asked to log in or create a Microsoft account. The friends who have no account can create and activate the Microsoft account according to the prompt. The friends who already have an account can skip this step and go directly to the third step.

2. After everything is ready, just click “Activate Office” to complete the activation.

After completing the activation, enter any application of Office, click on the account, as long as you see the “activated product”, the activation is successful.The above is the Office2016 activation graphic tutorial, for the genuine Windows system pre-installed Office, you only need to activate Windows, and open Office under the network, complete the activation according to the prompts and you’re done.


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