Why not forget to set parental control on kid’s phone on This Black Friday?

Cellular technology is the one on which all the contemporary mobile devices are based on; this particular technology has given the name “cellphones”. Today the technologies of digital mobile devices have made its way to the next level. The mobile phone technology has been developed since two decades ago and within this time everyone has these days’ digital devices like cellphones, tablets, pads and plenty of others alike within multiple shapes, models, and specs.

 There are plenty of advantages of digital phones but when it comes to hazards associated with this particular technology you cannot count on fingertips. Even young teenagers and kids have become obsessed with phones connected to the internet. Additionally, the contemporary mobile phone technology is a new pied piper for kids that attracts youngsters all the time and leads towards cyber dangers.

How cell phones working as Pied Piper & leading kids towards dangers?

Mobile devices connected with the cyberspace provide young users identity and free to explore things they want it badly. First comes peer pressure that forces kids and teens to get digital citizenship creating multiple accounts on social media apps and websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and plenty of others like that.

Secondly, kids and teens get started and fill up social media profiles alongside, names, address, hobbies, school name, and profile picture. Additionally, teens and kids start an interaction with strangers and become friends online.

Mostly teens and kids got bullied online, an encounter with the stalkers and get trapped, and also get involved in uncommitted sexual activities or hookups with they met online initially. Over the years, things have got changed and real –life predators have changed their identity and have migrated on the web to target young teens and children.

Pew Research Center Statistics

  • 67% of teens say they used to talk on cell phone with friends
  • 38% of teens send text messages on regular basis
  • 36% make cell phone calls on their mobile phone devices
  • 26% Send messages on social messaging apps using cell phones

Dangerous side of mobile phone & Internet

  • 59% of U.S teens got bullied or harassed online
  • 25% of teens used to of receiving sexual explicit messages on cell phone
  • 7% of teens have to face embracement when someone share their private photos on social media
  • 36% of teens get involved in hookups online with strangers
  • Teens got health issues like depression, anxiety and stress
  • 39% of teens got porn addiction using cell phone devices

How parents can set parental control on kids and teens digital phones?

As we all know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner and pre –Christmas season has been getting started after the end of Halloween. Parents are ready to buy things in bulk on upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Parents mostly get their hands-on costumes, toys, and plenty of other things including mobile phones but they forget to set parental control software to make sure kids online safety.

They don’t realize young teens and children are unsafe on the web and getting involved in dangerous and risky activities online. They need to know mobile phones and access to the internet and social media has turned this technology into pied piper that can exploit or attract them towards online dangers. That’s why parents have to monitor kids’ and teens’ cell phone activities. It will empower you to know what kids and teens are doing online on the cell phone installed on the browser.

 Furthermore, you can track live cell phone calls, text messages, and GPS location with pinpoint accuracy to know their hidden whereabouts. However, parents can get social media apps logs such as messages, conversations, and shared media. So, get a 50% and 90% discount on the cellphone monitoring app on Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts. The offer is for once in a year to aware of single mothers and father, in particular, to look after kids online to prevent them from all nightmares they are facing.


Are good more important than the children safety online? I don’t think so! If you are agree with me then don’t miss it again and set parental control on kid’s phone before it will too late.

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