Popular interview questions and answers for freshers

If you’re new and face your first job interview, the situation becomes even more challenging. Here are some common questions and answers for fresher interviews.


Popular interview questions and answers:

1. Tell us about yourself

You certainly won’t tell the interviewer about your favourite dish, film or actor here! The question is put by the interviewer to examine your self-confidence and presentation. The best way to answer this question from the common interview is to tell the manager about your education and background in the family. 

This should nevertheless not look like the story of your life, and you should quickly focus on sharing your strengths to establish the platform for further discussions on your ability to open jobs.


2. What are your strengths?

This is one of the critical interviews when the employer analyzes your strengths for the role of your work and tries to understand the challenges facing you in your new position. Be careful, therefore, to indicate any of your strengths or weaknesses. The good idea is to share work-related strengths.

One such interview would reply for a work sample of an electric engineer interview if you were confident that you would answer any question relating to your expertise in the evaluation of electrical products, systems and components.


3. What are your weaknesses?

When you share your weaknesses with your hire manager, it becomes critical too. But it is never advisable to say that you are not weak because it makes you look arrogant. Choose a weakness that does not affect your present role in your job. For instance, it can be your weakness to sleep alone or your inability to use mobile apps.


4. What are your hobbies?

You can even expect basic questions such as your hobbies in your fresher interview questions. Now it’s an essential interview if you think why the employer wants to know about your hobbies. The interviewer tries to assess your personality, level of energy and how well you can fit the culture of your company.

Therefore, if you are a customer meeting person, you should share something that adds value to your skills, such as travel and meeting people. She reflects even on your activity by sharing some generic hobbies like sport or reading.


5. What do you know about our company?

It is one of the most critical questions for an interview that an employing manager usually asks at the start of a conversation to understand how aware you are of the startup stories where you want to operate. The best way to get this question from an interview, therefore, is to adequately research the company, read the latest updates online, learn about the company’s business, and especially read the job description thoroughly.


6. Why should we hire you?

The employers want your ability to size your skills and convincing strength with this challenging question and answer interviews. Also, the interview is an opportunity to show your willingness to do the job to the interviewer. The best way to answer this new question why should you be hired for this internship from the interview is to discuss your skills and strengths.

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