SoundCloud: Social music that lets you enjoy in the cloud

Lead: SoundCloud is a community where musicians and DJs around the world can listen, record, and share their work on the Internet. Like Twitter, you can found some fellow artists, but also others. And if you are a fan, you can found your idols inside and even communicate with them. With SoundCloud on Android, you can listen, record, and use any of the phones.

SoundCloud is a community where musicians and DJs around the world can listen, record and share their work on the Internet. Like Twitter , you can fo some fellow artists, but also others. And if you are a fan, you can fo your idols inside and even communicate with them.

With SoundCloud on Android , you can listen, record, and share songs from any shared app on your phone (such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr , E-mail, SMS, etc.). SoundCloud is designed to help musicians easily share their work in the cloud, and of course, if you can find other uses, no one will stop you. Share any voice you want to share – like your interview with someone.

SoundCloud released
When the download is first opened, you will need to log in to the SoundCloud program; if you create an account and connect via Facebook, you can log in with one click (provided you are logged in to Facebook).

Recording and publishing
When you’re done logging in, the first thing you see will be the “Record” menu. This interface is very simple: just press the REC button and start recording; when you’re done, just click the stop button. Then you can play and see if you are satisfied – if you are not satisfied, you can reset and start over again – if you like this result, click “Save”.

Here, you can set the content of the recording, such as adding a cover image, recording name, recording location, and sharing options (you can even sign in Foursquare ), public or private sharing types. Now you can upload and share your recordings. Super simple!

What is your friend doing?
In the “Incoming” menu, you’ll see the same dashboard as in the SoundCloud web app: some of your friends’ recent activities. Select a track, play it on the player, or press and hold the track, a drop-down menu will pop up where you can choose to play in the background, view user profiles, mark favorite music, post comments, or share music.

When you listen to the song on the player, you will see the same options as the drop-down menu, as well as the cover art for the song information, as well as various control keys. You can skip this song in the “Income” menu and start the next one. If you let the phone be placed horizontally, you can do all the smartest features that SoundClound has: comment on songs at specific times, and view other people Leave a comment.

The Exclusive menu and the Incoming menu function basically the same, but you can only see the tracks that are specifically for you, or someone just wants you to hear them.

“You” and other menus
You can also manage your uploaded songs in the “You” menu. Here you can also see more menus such as Tracks, Favorite, Info, Following, Followers, and Friend Finder. You can also switch between them by swiping the screen or clicking.

If you have a song that hasn’t been uploaded yet, it will be displayed as a gray tone; click on it and you can edit, play, upload or delete. You can play your favorite tracks in the “Favorite” menu, view your account information in the “Info” menu, see your fo people and fo your people in “Following” and “Followers”, and if You have a configured Facebook account (you can also configure it in this menu bar if you don’t have one), you can search for friends through your Facebook account.

In addition, you can search for “Tracks” and “Users” in the “Search” menu. When entering the searched user page, you can listen to their songs, see their favorites, and fo them.

SoundCloud comes with two components: the SoundCloud player and the SoundCloud recorder. The player is a simple and beautiful widget that plays the last song played in the song list and gives you quick control over the songs you play in the background. The recorder is a large REC button that takes you to the recording menu of this app.

Missing and summarizing
This program is very useful; the user interface is very beautiful and clean; the user experience is also very smart; the bug is nothing (every update can be solved)… but there are some features that are not added.


  • Playlists: Now you can’t sort on the playlist, or even create a list at all.
  • Upload: SoundClound has not yet uploaded mp3 from your computer. However, to upload music from your phone, you can use MusiCloud.
  • Download: Not all music is available for download, but you can see the favorite music you can download, you need to manually download it on the computer through the web application. You can download it from MusiCloud and SoundGarage Pro.
  • Edit: The program does not currently support editing information, whether it is the user’s own information.
  • Browsing: This app should have browsing features like SoundGarage Pro and SoundGarage Mobile, such as group search, or type search.
  • SMS: This is a social program after all, so it is difficult to understand why the program does not support the SMS system.


  • User Interface: The user interface is as beautiful as the web interface in terms of color and simplicity.
  • Mobility: Unlike other SoundCloud apps, this official version runs quite smoothly; it runs all the content (except songs), so when you swipe the page/click on the menu, you don’t have to wait for the content to load.
  • Recording: The process of recording and sharing content is very simple.
  • Official: It is the official version and will be continuously updated.
  • Free: Some of the features mentioned above are likely to be added, and they are very small – and free, you don’t have to pay anything (unlike other programs).
  • Sign-in: Can you record a paragraph while listening to a concert and send it to your account? Does it look great? If you have configured your Foursquare account, you will also be automatically checked in when you upload it.
    to sum up

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This software can meet all your basic needs, but like other software, there are always things you might want to join. Of course you have other options, but I will continue to stick to SoundCloud because its advantages outweigh the disadvantages. As I said before, these shortcomings are relatively small, and they all exist in web applications, and in future updates. May be imported into this program.

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