Sqribble: All about creating professional eBooks

Are you interested in learning how to create a professional eBook just within few minutes without making many efforts? If YES then this article is going to be very informational for you. The introduction of new and advanced software Sqribble has made it very easy to create professional eBooks without making much effort. It has remained a matter a few clicks, and you will be there with your eBook, Kindle book, white papers and a lot more.

Scribble is a concept and design of Adeel Chowdhry that had helped a lot of people in creating up their desired eBooks. It only needs a little bit of your time to write the content and to format and design the eBook cover as per your expectations. One of the most beautiful things about Sqribble is that you don’t need to spend any extra charges here. It is a simple design and content creation process that can be quickly done by anyone having a little knowledge as well.

Features: – Sqribble is indeed an exciting design that has proven a miracle to different marketers, freelancers, small business owners, and various marketing agencies as well. This tool is beneficial in creating and publishing eBooks, white papers and kindle books which is mainly comes up with various other amazing features as well, such as:

Amazing eCovers: Sqribble is a complete package where you can quickly get more than 50 impressive templates that you can easily use for creating your eCover. As per a well- known saying, the first impression is the last impression, and hence better will be you eCover more efforts it will add in promoting your brand.

Easy content import: Sqribble has now made it easy to import content from any of your websites to conv.ert it into an eBook. It means that you now, don’t need to spend a lot of time manually for writing content for your eBook. Just drag it from your stored location and enjoy instant results. In case if you get short of words or you are looking to select some high-quality words into your content so that to make it more attractive, Sqribble also helps users in compiling different words from the internet.

Easy customization: It is another beautiful feature of Sqribble that adds it in one of the most excellent sources for creating eBooks. It offers you the facility of customizing your content, its headers, text blocks, bullet lists, links and a lot more without making many efforts.

Flipbooks: If you are interested in creating an animation of eBook, Sqribble is one of the best sources you can trust upon.

User-friendly Interface: Last but not least is the user-friendly interface that adds more into its features. Sqribble comes up with a very intuitive interface that makes it much easier to detect and format the related content as per your expectations. Adding more into it, the live preview feature of this beautiful tool is another best thing that makes it easy to use on various devices.

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