Startup job portal KillerLaunch launches

Takeaway: KillerLaunch was launched a short time ago. The platform aims to help in the upliftment of startups in India to get the deserved position in society. KillerLaunch has also helped thousands of startups and is going to continue this movement. 


Startups and internships: Do they really get along?

Startups have been growing in India at a fast pace. We can see several small and local businesses have become established and generated huge revenue in a very short time. This was all due to the several initiatives and support provided by our government in helping those startups. Fundings and revenues have been generated for these startups on a large scale so that more and more people can get motivated enough to work in them.

Students who are currently studying in their colleges and universities have also been encouraged to start their own startups. But, it will be a good idea if they have any experience in this work-field. Working in a startup is way too different from working in just an ordinary 9-5 job because everything is totally different from a startup. 

A startup requires one to work harder and with much determination because it is in its earliest phase of getting built. It has far more transparency, and a student can watch every step of it getting built closely.

The students require exposure to this startup culture before indulging and establishing themselves, and they may take up an internship. An internship is the best way to get hands-on experience in not only just startups but also in big established MNCs. Considering this huge demand for good quality internships in some good companies among the students, KillerLaunch has launched an all exclusive platform specially dedicated to the internships called your one-stop solution to all your internship needs. has come to compete with the prominent internship providing websites. With all such advanced features and benefits, this new site is going to be launched. The platform has a sole aim to provide the best quality internships to maximum students for free! It will also help the companies get the perfect recruitment for themselves as most sites lack the student to recruiter ratio. has made a perfect balance between the two, thereby providing equal help to both the recruiters and the interns.


What else has to offer? Let’s have a look:

Perfect intern to recruiter ratio: Unlike other platforms, we do not prioritize anyone other than the other. We have a perfect ratio of companies and interns so that your company can get the maximum number of interns. Also, due to the availability of so many interns, some feel left out and don’t get selected. But at, don’t feel left out. Join us and get guaranteed the opportunity to intern with the best companies!

A large number of companies providing internships: is helping the students to find an internship in the best companies of India like Ola, Zomato, TimesNext, and many more such platforms. With early exposure to such prominent companies, their big names get associated with you from a very early age so that you can get some great opportunities in the future.

Find more than just internships here: promises to stay with you throughout the journey of your internship finding phase from the starting till the end! They do help you find internships and help you get placed in one by helping to build your resume. You can also explore their blogs and articles and learn about various aspects of an internship. 

Visit now and give a kick start to your career!

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