Success stories of Indian startups [2020 Updated]

Some people came and changed the whole mindset in a country where startups have not been as welcomed. All you need to do is have some belief that you can do anything.


Success stories of Indian startups

1. Formation of Flipkart

You would know that the IIT-D graduates are behind this e-commerce giant if you were quite aware of all of the startup stories you had around you. The two of them, working for Amazon, decided to leave India and create something of the same nature. These two started to sell books online, just like Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon. Later in the years that followed, Flipkart started selling almost every household item that an individual would take home.


2. Ola

Another word in our mouths is often twisting. Before the OLA, there was no Uber. Obtaining a cab was costly and took a long time to connect with one. OLA service came then, and cab reservations have never been that easy ever since. Nearly every city in India now has an OLA Cabs connection. In recent years, this is what the OLA market has gained.


3. Cashbacks of Paytm

Cashback is the idea of online marketing that has evolved in India. The only person who deserves credit is Vijay Shekhar Sharma, who has brought this change on the Indian business ideas. He has managed to take his company to a net value of 10 billion USD, born in a small village near Delhi. It’s not so, and a paytm bank was founded last year too. It is expected to push the company’s profitability to an entirely new level.


4. Zomato’s Menu

Launched in 2008, although this food marketing giant hasn’t been successful overnight, it still took time to become a familiar name. The job of Deepinder Goyal was to pin all of the menus he used to be working in earlier times. He imagined later how it would be if he showed them throughout the whole internet. His idea went but eventually hit many souls. In over 10,000 towns and 22 countries, they are involved.


5. Quikr

Regular practices that have come out in India in the western countries. The used items online market. Quikr has been founded by Pranay Chulet, who would not prefer cheaper items and because of the same reason. Recently it has been renamed Quikr by an IIT-D and IIM-C alumnus who created it on the original name of Kijiji India. Quikr did not take too long to mark its position in resellers’ minds. This launch has now reached a value of several million dollars.



So what are you waiting for? Be inspired by these success stories and show your value to the world as well. Don’t sit there wondering, get up and take up work from home jobs.

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