The best job portals in India!

Are you also finding it tough to survive this lockdown?

Do you know what will help you pass this phase?

Part-time jobs for some extra income!

But the question is, do you know where to get such part-time jobs?

If no, then don’t worry, we are right here to guide you through this.

This global pandemic of COVID-19 has proved to be a blunder. And not only he pandemic, but the entire year of 2020 is also a bizarre according to some people.

The whole world was ceased from the past four months, and everything has come to a still.


People lost their jobs; students are losing their education. The graduation batch of 2020-2021 lost their farewells, placements opportunities, and much more.

Not only this, but the most bizarre thing is also people are losing lives.

The families are losing their loved ones. No matter if they are the people who die of Corona, who dies in the blasts, who died in the plane crash or who committed suicide because they could not survive this lockdown.

If you study the reports, you will notice that poor people are mostly living on PARLE-G biscuits, and teachers are now working as sewage cleaners to earn a living.

Amidst such severe situations, it would be good to prepare the backup and earn some extra money.

And what else can be good than amazing part-time jobs?

Thus, here we have a list of best websites that will help you get a job and earn extra money for hard times.



1) is not an ordinary online job search platform, but it is one of India’s best job sites.

It allows the users to search for either internship or job vacancies in just a few clicks. 

Besides, also has a company review section that allows job seekers to know the reviews and experiences of other individuals who worked with that firm.

So for all of those searching Google for ‘Jobs near me,’ is the perfect place to visit right now.


2) Indeed

This 15-year-old USA-based site is known as one of the best job portals in our country.

You might not believe it, but it has 250 million unique visitors every month.

Also, it has spread its reach to more than 60 countries all across the world. 

Besides job vacancies, Indeed also give you useful information like job salary insights and company reviews.

From full-time jobs to part-time jobs and work from home jobs, Indeed has it all for you.  

Good luck with your job hunt!

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