Centuries ago, on the face of this planet, there were no signs of technology whatsoever but the world was witnessing a distinct era of art. Though art was thought of to be a luxury for the privileged ones only, historians suggest that since man’s evolution begun, art has transitioned from the primitive point of wall paintings up to the latest rendition today i.e. diamond painting. This long journey of art is quite meritorious. Not as meritorious as the laudable swift journey of technological advancements. (Still is something unique, right?) This article intends to prolifically scrutinize the contrasting intrinsic values of Art and Technology.

Technology; A blessing or a menace?

There’s no denying the fact that the life of current generation is contrasting at so many levels when compared with their predecessors. The times have changed drastically and technology is the sole driving force behind it. Technology has really opened up new horizons and new portals for the masses to achieve and excel. When we talk about technology, the most noteworthy contribution is that of the internet as the world is thankful to and has embraced the newer giant of communication. The question still remains that whether technology has broadened the world or shortened it? (To the point where we can virtually reach anywhere anytime)

Technology has helped the modern minds to adapt, create, motivate and innovate. Even though technology has revolutionized the world around us, it is still quite fascinating that Art has held its forte.

The Subtle Might of Art

No matter what happens, Art is advancing at an astonishing rate. There are still plenty of people left in this world who haven’t allowed technology to take over their lives. Instead they resort to the evergreen universality of art. The intrinsic value of art is lamented in this single most powerful line:

“Art is everywhere around us, we experience it on a daily basis. Even technology is a form of art”

Words never come easy to us when it comes describing the matchless might of art. Art captures human expressions and emotions and makes them immortal in every essence of the word. Technology is limited to the dimensions but art keeps on adding new dimensions to its already vast array of portfolio. The way ideas and feelings are conveyed through art, no other medium can achieve that feat. Whether it be the cavemen or the diamond art artists, they never fail to portray beauty and class.

Furthermore, technology has the power to connect, engage and empower its user whereas art creates unbounded imagination and helps the artist to inspire and aspire. The presence of technology has definitely ensured that art is widely accessible at all forums of life but technology itself it the brainchild of art. (Can you feel the might?)

Concluding Verdict?

As a matter of fact, art and technology are more intertwined today than they were decades ago and it’s all because of the growing globalization.  No matter what the future holds on store, for now it is quite safe to say that Art is healthier, relaxing and provides a more fulfilling experience than its arch nemesis; Technology. Technology however is a fruitful ingredient to save time. To conclude, we can depict that art is just like a calm village whereas technology is like a city of skyscrapers full of screens. We definitely need both of them in our lives but for creative people like us, Art is an eternal weapon. No matter what the conspiracies claim, both Art and technology are here to stay in all their glory.

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