Top alternatives of hollow knight game

Descending into the Dark, venturing down into a world full of insects and heroes, Hollow Knight is a Metroidvania, single- player, 2D video game which was created by Team Cherry. The player can explore various interconnected worlds, dive into a vast ruined system of caves, crumbling cities and broken temples, by using different combat techniques. There are a variety of areas available which have their own kind of enemies and difficulties. Player can also encounter strange travelers and become friends with the beasts. Hollow knight is quite addictive and has great mechanics and visuals.

Other alternative games of hollow knight game

Ori and the blind forest – It is quite the same as Hollow knight in terms of cohesive art style and the diversity of worlds. In this game, the hero must find his courage and fight a dark nemesis if he wants to save his home. The player is in the role of Ori a guardian spirit who can shoot Flames to combat his enemies (which helps in going forward in game) as well as climb, jump and much more. It has a beautiful story with great visuals.

Chronicles of teddy – It has a lot of features of Hollow knight. It has a different art style, sense of exploration and soundtrack. It also has a feature called Musicom which gives you opportunities to solve puzzles. It is an action packed game in which you can jump, run and even purchase new items and equipment and then you can revisit the previous area with more powers to obtain the treasure.

VVVVVV – It is a spike-lined, death packed 3D game. The player has to find lost members of his spaceship and he is in control of the direction of the gravity i.e. he can flip between ceiling and floor. Impressive, isn’t it? The game intends you to die again and again. 3D version of VVVVVV is more comfortable to control.

King Lucas – A Metroidvania, single/ multiplayer game made by DevilishGames. The player can move vertically and horizontally. When he reaches his target, the game becomes more difficult and the space keeps getting bigger and more challenging. He can even interact with non- player characters and get help in his quest.

Death’s Gambit – It is an action, combat, Metroidvania, single player game. It is quite addictive as you play as an agent of death and encounter knights, beasts and other horrors in the plant of medieval. The game offers so much such as the player can explore the planet, fight battles, collect power ups and pant blasts etc.

Apotheon – Created by AlienTrap, this is an adventurous, action, single/ multiplayer 2D game. It contains various maps and if the player wants to move onto the next then he should use multiple weapons to defeat the enemy.


Hollow knight is hands down the best Metroidvania game but if you have finished it then these alternatives will provide you with the same experience as hollow knight. Give them a try and you will be hooked to them.

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