Web Series for Entrepreneurs in India

Over the last few years, a range of series have been created on startups and entrepreneurship that direct and encourage any young entrepreneur on their journey.


Web series for entrepreneurs in India

1. TVF Pitchers

When reading about a web series Hindi of entrepreneurs, how do you not think of TVF pitchers? It’s a must-see web series for any first-time entrepreneur. The show was created by one of India’s best web content producers, The Viral Fever (TVF). The show was released in 2015. It’s a drama-comedy show focused mainly on entrepreneurship. This series also shows the reality of jobs on KillerLaunch.


2. Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is an American satirical TV show that was launched in 2014. It’s a television series that reveals the inner workings of living in Silicon Valley. This is one of the world’s most popular shows focused on startups and young entrepreneurs. The show centers on five young people who formed a startup firm in Silicon Valley.


3. StartUp

Startup was another American TV show broadcast for the first time on 6 September 2016. The TV series depicts the introduction of GenCoin, an innovative and divisive technological project based on digital currencies. The gritty thriller tracks ambitious software pioneers with a revolutionary plan, and a sharp FBI investigator who can make or break the people he falls into touch with, not necessarily for the right reasons.


4. How I made my Millions

How I Made My Millions is an initial CNBC that was released in 2011. The series shows you the green space of the corporate sector. The series reveals how day-to-day individuals have adopted average innovations and transformed them into extraordinarily productive enterprises. It reminds us that the businessmen who took a chance, trusted in their business ideas, and with a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck, became millionaires.


5. The Profit

The Profit is an American reality TV series launched on 30 July 2013. It was shown on CNBC as part of every season. Profit claims that it’s not just part of joy to be a good entrepreneur. This demonstrates the real, daunting, and sometimes nasty side of beginning your own business. This focuses on a real-life entrepreneur, Marcus Lemonis, who has become one of the greatest names in the corporate community.


6. Shark Tank

Shark Tank is a business-related reality TV series where investment-seeking business people give corporate pitches to five investors, including sharks, who want to invest in their company as business partners. The series debuted on 9 August 2009 as an American franchise in the multinational Dragons’ Den style.


7. House of Cards

House of Cards is an American political suspense online TV show that was published on Netflix on 1 February 2013. House of Cards is a perfect illustration of how to stack the cards to your benefit. While there is a strong tension, if you choose to know how to manage difficult approaches in business partnerships, there are a number of them.

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