Win7 sleep setting method

Win7 system may be used by many friends, then if the computer is not used for a period of time, it can be set to sleep state. Generally speaking, if the computer does not move, it will automatically sleep first, then it will sleep for a long time, then it will sleep. Just introduce the win7 sleep settings .

Win7 sleep setting method:

1. First you need to open the control panel, you can open it in your computer, or you can open it in the start program:

2. Open the “Power Options” and click Open:

3. Then in the Balanced Power Plan, select “Change Plan Settings”:

4, inside can be directly set to enter the sleep state, select the time item. If you need more detailed settings and hibernation settings, click on “Change Advanced Power Settings (C)” below:

5, in the power options, there is a sleep option, click on the extension to see a “sleep after this time” option, this is to set the sleep, the other few look at the name to know where is set, not one One talk:

6. After expanding the “Hibernate after this time” option, click on the blue time font in the back, you can freely set how long to sleep:

7. After setting, click OK or save step by step, then the hibernation or sleep in the whole win7 system is set.

The above is the way to win7 sleep settings, you can try to set it up.

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