WordPress Security Tips for Keeping Foreign Trade Websites Safe in 2019

Keeping your WordPress security and security is one of the most important challenges. As the owner of the foreign trade website of WordPress , the responsibility lies in protecting the owner from malicious security threats and attacks from hackers. no doubt, WordPress loads a powerful CMS platform that is fully equipped with different types of plugins, themes and unique features, but everyone can accept the fact that it is the most vulnerable in the entire network. CMS platform.

Whether you are a beginner of WordPress or a well-known foreign trade webmaster, it doesn’t matter, you just need to be careful and use maximum protection to protect your foreign trade website from hackers. This can be achieved by strengthening the login page, and strengthening the main management page of the foreign trade website by regulating the hacker’s access to your foreign trade website. You can also install the most advanced security plug-ins and tools provided by WordPress for maximum efficiency and efficiency.

Other than that, WordPress provides users with some excellent security tips and tips to protect the security of foreign trade websites and prevent malicious hackers. However, I will share some of the most amazing practices that every WordPress foreign trade website owner should remember to protect their pages. These are the most effective tips for 2019 .

To make this work more efficient, I divided these tips into four different categories:

( a ) Activate the WordPress admin panel and login page

( b ) Improve the security of WordPress plugins and themes

( c ) Strengthening database security

( d ) Securing the WordPress hosting environment

( a ) Activate the WordPress admin panel and login page:

1 ) Never use an administrator as the username:

A truth may be too powerful to be digested, but the login page of the WordPress foreign trade website is the main target of hackers. The hacker tried to access the foreign trade website by repeatedly estimating the login credentials. Therefore, it is very important not to keep the default username of the WordPress foreign trade website, as it provides a convenient way for hackers to quickly access your account.

2 ) Strong password:

Time and place have already said that the password should be longer so that it is not easy to find. No matter how attractive or favorite the username is, if the password is weak, the hacker can quickly get information from your foreign trade website and damage the online visibility of your foreign trade website.

In order to make this section more powerful, it is very important to use different usernames and secure passwords. Also, keep in mind that passwords can be a combination of different words and characters up to 15 characters long . WordPress users can also use strong password generators, and if they can’t create one themselves, the generator will do this for them.

( b ) Improve the security of WordPress plugins and themes:

1 ) Inform them:

It is very important to have your WordPress update and maintain the latest plugins and themes, as they can keep hackers away from foreign trade websites. Each installed plug-in or theme is similar to an invitation to the management zone ; therefore, it is necessary to update with the current version.

2 ) Remove all unused plugins and themes:

It’s important to remove all unused plugins and themes and remove them completely from the WordPress admin area. Unused themes and plugins make foreign trade websites slow and protected from security attacks.

This is also the most common rule, if you don’t use any themes or plugins, just delete them and keep the foreign trade website clean. This process enables hackers to effectively identify weak links in the elements and access foreign trade websites. To solve this problem, WordPress foreign trade website owners should disable and remove all unused themes and plugins from the dashboard.

( c ) Strengthening database security:

1 ) Effectively update and back up your foreign trade website:

No matter how much security your trade website has, it doesn’t matter, there is always a way for hackers. The best thing you can do is to create a backup of the foreign trade website. This will put your foreign trade website in safe mode because anything can happen. Therefore, please make sure to back up the foreign trade website regularly using BackWPUp , VaultPress and BackUpWordPress .

In addition, it is very important to update the core of the foreign trade website at all costs.

( d ) Protect the WordPress hosting environment:

1 ) Choose the most effective hosting service, provider:

We strongly suggest using a good web hosting provider like Godaddy. Godaddy is offers reliable web hosting services at an affordable price. If you’re just starting up, Godaddy $1 hosting plan is good option to start with.

No matter what tricks you take to protect the security of your foreign trade website, as long as you don’t have the leverage of a secure foreign trade website hosting provider. If this is the case, then you will not be able to improve the security of the foreign trade website.

According to a survey, nearly 41 % of WordPress foreign trade websites were invaded by night because of the poor security on the foreign-originated website hosting server. This proves that when we talk about protecting a WordPress account, it’s important to choose the right hosting provider.

2 ) List of damaged directories:

People have repeatedly said that you should not put your index.html file in a new directory on your WordPress foreign trade website, because visitors have access to a complete list of your directories. Therefore, it is very easy to replace and disable your directory listing with a .htaccess file.

3 ) Cleverly change the permissions of the directory:

Since you are the owner of the foreign trade website, you cannot set incorrect directory permissions, and if we are implementing shared environment hosting, we cannot set it accurately.

Therefore, it is very important to enhance the permissions of the directory by setting the permissions of the directory to 755 . Many people think that WordPress owners should set their files to 644 because this will protect all categories, file systems, subdirectories and various other files.


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